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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Transitioning to LED lighting

A few years ago I discovered that LED mini-lights, in my opinion, had finally surpassed the visual quality of incandescent mini-lights. The intense color and brilliance of the 5mm LEDs as shown above, are very impressive. They are full wave, which means they will fade on to off smoothly over the full range. Their energy efficiency also allows for more lights per controller, as well as the potential savings on the holiday electric bill.

I started my LED transition in 2008. My display contains five colors of lights; Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and Clear, so a full transition would be very costly. I decided to first change my Z-Tree over to LEDs. The beauty of these lights is that they blend well with the existing incandescents. They're much brighter and colorful, but they still have similar characteristics. Last year I converted over another 1/3 of my display, this time changing my mini trees, roof line, wreath and a few shrubs. This year I hope to finally complete the transition to LED.

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